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Why Switchboard Installation Is The Best Thing For Your Home

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In all commercial and industrial settings, the continuity, as well as the distribution of electrical energy, is fundamental since it is what determines the efficiency of such facilities. This implies that during the power installation process, the safety of all the personnel involved and the reliability of power distribution should be taken seriously. This can only be made possible through the installation of a modern electrical switchboard.

By definition, an electrical switchboard is typical a device which directs electric energy from the primary source to other smaller regions of power applications. Its main role is to offer adequate protection against potentially dangerous power surges. As such, it is an assembly of either one or more panels, and every single panel contains individual switches which allow for the regulation of the electricity.

Inside this particular device (switchboard), you’ll find either one or more busbars which are strips of aluminium and or copper which are flat connected to the switchboard. They transport large electrical currents through the switchboard. They are always insulated. It is worth to mention that there are lots of fuses and safety switches inside switchboards which serve the purpose protecting you against electrocution.

Through the advancement in technology, some new electrical switchboards are enclosed with a metal and the energised parts are not accessible when the panels and the covers are closed.

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If you are currently living in a house where regular loss of power has become quite common, then probably you’ll have to think about upgrading switchboard. Most of the so-called modern-day appliances including air conditioners, flat televisions, electric heaters, stoves and refrigerators among others, typically consume lots of power which older homes may not supply. As a result, you’ll occasionally have problems with your circuit breakers. Not only is this frequent loss of power annoying, but it is potentially dangerous. In fact, there are some increasingly dangerous risks of old switchboards such as:

  • Fuse wires being blown: This particular issue occurs when a particular circuit becomes overloaded especially when you connect excess appliances at the circuit. Also, it may happen as a result of loose connections within the fuse holder itself.
  • The melting of electrical cables from loose connections: When any electrical wire becomes loose especially in the back of a fuse holder, power may jump from the source and to that particular cable which is causing the overloading. If you didn’t know, this phenomenon is referred to as an electrical arc and is often a fire starter. During electrical arcing, all the circuits in your home will get heated, and this may, in turn, expose more copper even to arc more in the fuse board. This means that if your earthing was not properly done, cases of a full fire could occur at the back of the fuse board.
  • Fire from the switchboard could spread into your roof space: Obviously, when the fire starts, a draft will potentially transport it up the wall cavity and eventually into the ceiling space where a full fire will be witnesses. This is the final disaster caused by older switchboards and also from improper earthing.

What are some of the benefits of upgrading your switchboard?

There are numerous benefits that you’ll enjoy after upgrading your switchboard including:

  • It will make your home more energy efficient.
  • It eliminates the likelihood of a power outage.
  • Significantly reduces the risk of electrical fire as well as electrocution.
  • It enhances the safety factor of your home electrical system.
  • It will solve the power demands of your house.

When do you need to conduct a switchboard upgrade?

If you are currently residing in a home that was build twenty years ago, there are increased chances that it has ceramic fuses and not circuit breakers which are now common in modern homes. These ceramic fuses may not be able to provide sufficient energy for your modern appliances. Installing a new switchboard, as previously mentioned, will account for the added electrical power demand.

It is advisable that you should only hire highly qualified, licensed and insured electrician ardross to conduct this type of product for you. It is a potentially hazardous project and should only be handled by the most qualified.

The Benefits of Throw Pillows in Your Home

Throw pillows are generally associated with the aesthetics of a room. We use them on sofas, chairs, couches, and beds. They add color to décor and can be used to increase the aesthetic value of a room. Besides these uses, throw pillows have a number of benefits that have nothing to do with décor purposes. Let’s have a look.

Pillows have health benefits. They offer support and comfort and can help you to sit or lie in the right position to keep your spine in the bets position. Keeping your spine healthy is important to prevent back pain and other health issues.

Pillows can give emotional comfort. This may sound strange but think about it. How often have you cried into a pillow when you were sad or held a pillow when you were missing someone or punched a pillow when you were angry? Throw pillows are good for those emotional outburst moments.

Pillows can be used to improve comfort. You can use throw pillows to make you comfortable on the couch or bed. You can use them to lift your head when you lie and watch television. They can be handy for picnics or even when you are traveling on the bus or train.

Pillows protect babies. Throw pillows are ideal for adding support around a baby who is learning to sit. They can also act as barriers to prevent falling or to ensure a soft landing if something does happen.

You can buy throw pillows in almost any color and design you can think of. If you don’t find something you like, you can make it yourself. Making a throw pillow is quite easy. You can also buy throw pillows in many different shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Throw pillows are most likely one of the most versatile accessories that you can have in your home. Not only are they functional, but they also add character, color, and support.

4 Factors To Consider When Finding The Best TV Outlet Installation

TV installation

Every TV has its unique way of complementing your home’s appeal by adding a touch of elegance to your interior design, but only when done right. This appeal will only be achieved if the TV is fully functional and well-fitted without loose connecting cords to different outlets burgeoning from every corner. That’s why you need a professional TV outlet installation. While spending your weekend busting through walls matching outlets to their main supplies may sound like an ideal way to kill time, it is not worth all that trouble. Let a professional TV outlet installer assist you, but before they come over, here are some issues you should bring to their attention:

  1. Whether you want all the wires concealed

You probably want all the outlet wires tucked away behind the walls, out of plain sight. This means that, if you were to personally install the different outlets, you would try to squeeze them all behind the wall. However, any professional will advise you that high voltage power cords such as the TV plugs can’t go behind the wall. Therefore, to help reduce the amount of wires hanging around your home, the installer will add an electrical outlet behind the wall on which you have TV mounted. On the other hand, of you don’t wish to see your walls defiled or to incur further paint retouch costs, you can opt for the low voltage power strips that stick onto walls and can be painted.

tv outlet installation

  1. What kind of walls do you have

In you wish to have the wires concealed; your TV outlet installation professional will most probably inquire about the kind of walls you have around your home; whether dry wall, stone or brick. This not only helps them identify the kind of tools to bring along but more importantly, it helps them determine the type of cabling matching the different walls.

  1. What components are you connecting to your TV

What are connecting to your TV, a cable box, a Blu-Ray player or a gaming console? Furnishing your TV installer with this type of information helps them determine the type of video and HDMI cables to bring along. This also gives you the opportunity to discuss about their storage options.

  1. Where will the components live

If you have your mind set on reducing the outlet cords clutter around your home, it would worth mentioning that the positioning of the different TV components such as the gaming console or Roku affect the decluttering process. While most people prefer having them on a floating shelve or a console below the television, an experienced adviser will always advise having them conveniently tucked behind the television. Don’t ride on the myth about the TV obstructing the wireless abilities of your remote; it will still work.

Now that you have a new Flat screen set installing its different components should be the least of your worries. Plus your entertainment doesn’t have to be subjected to trial and error that comes with DIY fixes. With the numerous TV outlet installation experts around Sydney and Brisbane neighbourhood, you owe it to yourself to get to straight to watching immediately after purchase.  

Things to Consider When You have to Decorate a Home for the First Time

Moving into a new home often goes hand-in-hand with a new beginning or life change. Many people just go with what they had before or buy things that look similar. A life change should be accompanied by a new and fresh home. We have a few things for you to consider before you start decorating your new home or even your new office.

Choose things that you like – Go on the Internet and look for design ideas. Look at a lot of pictures to find out what it is that you like and would want to have in your home. Once you have a few ideas, you can compare them and decide what will suit your taste and your pocket.

Decide on a budget – This is an important step because designing and decorating can cost quite a sum of money if you don’t plan ahead. Decide how much you are willing to spend on this venture and set out a detailed budget. Stick to your budget. It is a good idea to plan for unexpected costs.

Determine the function of each room – Decide what you want to do in every room and based on that decide what type of furniture you will need for each room. Accessories can wait until later – the bigger stuff like furniture and carpets should come first.

Pick a color scheme for every room – Decide what type of color scheme will work for the purpose of the room and your taste. Do some research on color therapy and how to use color effectively in your home. Color can make a huge difference in the feel of a room.

Add some of your old things to the new things – Starting over doesn’t mean you have to throw everything from your past out. Most people have favorite pieces of furniture or art and you should incorporate these into your décor plans.

Hire a professional designer – A professional designer will be able to do everything faster and better than you can. They have contacts, experience, and an incredible eye for potential and detail.

Before you start designing or decorating your home, consider these points. They give you a good starting point.

Best Sources to Find Electricians Near Me

When looking for electricians near me, there are multiple resources that you can use to find the ones who offer exceptional services. Just remember to hire professionals who maintain an excellent reputation for the years they have been in service.

They should also have all the right certifications, licenses, and permits the job requires. It also helps to find electricians who have been in the business for a while as it goes to show that they know what they are doing. Some of the resources that can be used to identify experts close by include:

Through Web Browsers Online

There is no better place to find electricians who are nearby than using search engines online. Type in your location, and you will access an extensive range of options to pick the one you prefer.

Here you can read about the electricians from their official websites. You can also go through reviews from people who have worked with the electricians before to know if they are fit for the task. Take time and go through as many options as possible so that you land on an expert you will enjoy working with.

References From Neighbours

Your house is not the only one that requires services from electricians near me. Talk to your friends and ask them the professionals they have worked with in the past. You will most likely get honest answers on the professionals to avoid and the ones to welcome with open arms.

Remember to talk to more than one neighbour to get reviews that are unbiased. Note that you should avoid talking to people who work for the electric companies as they will toot their horns without revealing any downside.

Local Adverts From Service Providers

It is not impossible to find local electricians Melbourne, though adverts that they place on various platforms. You could be walking in the mall and you are given a flyer for electricians. You might also spot ads on billboards and notice boards.

Do not rush blindly into hiring an electrical specialist because their ads sound appealing. Contact them and find out the services they have to offer and how long they have been in business so as to make a decision that will sit well with you. Avoid companies that are mean with information about them as it can only spell trouble.

Through The Yellow Pages

The yellow pages, also come in handy for anyone who is looking for electricians near me. Just find the experts who operate in your area. You may not find a lot of information about the specialists from the directory. However, you will find contact details that you can use to reach out to the companies to find out more about them. Get contacts from more than five service providers so that you can have the luxury of choosing the one you feel suits your needs best. Make sure you ask all relevant questions regarding their operations so that you do not end up getting nasty surprises once the electricians show up to offer their services.

Examples of Common Types of Electrical Projects for Homeowners

Unless you know and understand whatever you are doing exceptionally well, getting involved in DIY projects can be potentially dangerous. If you are not careful, do-it-yourself electrical projects can result in costly damages and can as well create dangerous hazards. What this means is that you must always seek the help of well-trained, experienced and licensed electricians to conduct all forms of electrical jobs in your home.

Electrical projects typically cover a broad range of tasks, ranging from simple projects such as home re-wiring, fan installation, upgrading electrical outlets to more complex tasks such as breaker box repair and replacement and the installation of security systems.

During the last few years, the general or basic knowledge of the electrical world have undergone a significant transformation, and this implies that homeowners and electrical contractors Melbourne alike now face a few new challenges. To be more precise, the technological advancements has created a heavier demand on the existing electrical loads, presenting newer opportunities for the major upgrades including home automation, surge protection and more sophisticated security systems. There are lots of Australia comprehensive electrical services that you will potentially need with time. So today in this particular post, we want to discuss in excruciating detail, a few examples of these electrical services.

  1. Home automation: A successfully installed home automation system can coordinate all the lighting, security, home entertainment systems and other essential electrical functions with a one-touch control. This kind of electrical service is very complicated, and should only be carried out by a very qualified and experienced contractor. Besides, you can also decide to install home automation so as to seamlessly control the timings of your pet feeding, garden irrigation, air conditioners among others.
  2. The installation of Uninterrupted Power Supply: This is an essential electrical project that you must consider as a homeowner. This is typically a backup system which is intended to protect all of your electrical appliances and equipment from sudden power failures and electrical surges. Simply put, it is a system which potentially provides power to your valued equipment including home computers, modems and fax machines, in the event of power shortages.
  3. Installation of solar panels: The installation of solar energy, whether for residential, business or commercial purposes is never an easy task. It requires the knowledge and the expertise of a qualified local electrician. It is a project which significantly improves the reliability and the efficiency of your machines. What’s more, it saves you a substantial amount of energy utility costs. With the help of a trusted electrician Prahran, you can get the expertise advertise regarding the best solar power units which are best for your individual needs and preferences.
  4. Replacement of switchboards: If you are living in an old home, it could be true that your current switchboard cannot support all the appliances you are having. They can also offer protection against electrocution. Additionally, they prevent the incidences of broken appliances and wiring.
  5. The installation of security lights: If you are an owner of a large business building or premises, then you ultimately know the significance of installing security lighting systems. Currently, there are a wide variety of home security systems which you can put in your home, based on the expertise advice of your local electrician. The most notable security option currently ruling the market is arguably floodlights equipped with motion sensors. Of course, time clocks, as well as night and day sensors, are equally revered.
  6. Electrical rewiring: If you have potentially dangerous power points and faulty electrical circuits, then you may consider electrical wiring. On most occasions, this project is typical of older homes which were perhaps poorly wired during the initial construction. This will make you home more secure and safe from impending fire outbreak incidences.
  7. Electrical repairs: With time, your electrical appliances will often develop certain technical issues which will need the immediate attention of an electrician. As always, you should only seek the help of the most qualified technician within your locality. This is when you’ll get the much-needed peace of mind, knowing that your home is in the safest hands.

Arguably, your home is the most important investment. As such, anything related to its repair or renovation must be conducted by highly-trained and qualified experts. We have reviewed some of the most common electrical services which you’ll always get involved with, and contact Quick Spark for further information!

3 Reasons Why Hiring an Interior Designer is a Good Idea

Interior designers are people who believe that everyone deserves to have their dream home. It is their purpose and passion to ensure that their clients have the most amazing spaces that they love and that brings them comfort and joy. Despite this, people are still hesitant to hire interior designers. They are concerned that the designer will do something they don’t like or that it will cost too much. If you find the right designer, these fears will no longer bother you. Here are some of the reasons why hiring an interior designer to redo your home is a good idea.

1. It will save you time. If you try to do your own interior designing, it may take you a lot longer than if you had a professional. They work according to deadlines, they know what should happen when, they have contacts who can source materials and furniture in no time, and they are able to anticipate obstacles or problems.

2. It will save you money. Yes, you are going to pay to have an interior designer. However, they are professionals and will be able to work within your budget and save you money. If you do it yourself, you are likely to have to repaint a few times to get the right color or you may buy furniture that is too big or doesn’t work. A professional designer will save you money by avoiding such mistakes.

3. You get a professional assessment. You may have an eye for color or a good piece of décor, but a professional will be able to do a thorough assessment within minutes. A designer will see things that you probably won’t notice. They are trained to see the potential and problems of a room within a glance or two.

An interior designer will be able to do the best possible job and still make it the way you like it. Most interior designers consult with their clients several times until the client is happy with the design and ideas. You will save money and time and also love the outcome.

Infographic by: www.thepicketfence.com