4 Factors To Consider When Finding The Best TV Outlet Installation

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Every TV has its unique way of complementing your home’s appeal by adding a touch of elegance to your interior design, but only when done right. This appeal will only be achieved if the TV is fully functional and well-fitted without loose connecting cords to different outlets burgeoning from every corner. That’s why you need a professional TV outlet installation. While spending your weekend busting through walls matching outlets to their main supplies may sound like an ideal way to kill time, it is not worth all that trouble. Let a professional TV outlet installer assist you, but before they come over, here are some issues you should bring to their attention:

  1. Whether you want all the wires concealed

You probably want all the outlet wires tucked away behind the walls, out of plain sight. This means that, if you were to personally install the different outlets, you would try to squeeze them all behind the wall. However, any professional will advise you that high voltage power cords such as the TV plugs can’t go behind the wall. Therefore, to help reduce the amount of wires hanging around your home, the installer will add an electrical outlet behind the wall on which you have TV mounted. On the other hand, of you don’t wish to see your walls defiled or to incur further paint retouch costs, you can opt for the low voltage power strips that stick onto walls and can be painted.

tv outlet installation

  1. What kind of walls do you have

In you wish to have the wires concealed; your TV outlet installation professional will most probably inquire about the kind of walls you have around your home; whether dry wall, stone or brick. This not only helps them identify the kind of tools to bring along but more importantly, it helps them determine the type of cabling matching the different walls.

  1. What components are you connecting to your TV

What are connecting to your TV, a cable box, a Blu-Ray player or a gaming console? Furnishing your TV installer with this type of information helps them determine the type of video and HDMI cables to bring along. This also gives you the opportunity to discuss about their storage options.

  1. Where will the components live

If you have your mind set on reducing the outlet cords clutter around your home, it would worth mentioning that the positioning of the different TV components such as the gaming console or Roku affect the decluttering process. While most people prefer having them on a floating shelve or a console below the television, an experienced adviser will always advise having them conveniently tucked behind the television. Don’t ride on the myth about the TV obstructing the wireless abilities of your remote; it will still work.


Now that you have a new Flat screen set installing its different components should be the least of your worries. Plus your entertainment doesn’t have to be subjected to trial and error that comes with DIY fixes. With the numerous TV outlet installation experts around Sydney and Brisbane neighbourhood, you owe it to yourself to get to straight to watching immediately after purchase.  

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