5 Questions to Ask when Looking for an Electrician in East Melbourne

residential electrician

Finding the right electrician is critical to ensuring the electrical requirements of your home are fulfilled. But how do you go about finding the “right” electrician for you? Finding the right electrical contractor in east Melbourne can be tricky as there are numerous individuals offering their services online. To sift through the clutter of profiles, here are a few questions to ask yourself in your quest for the right electrician in East Melbourne.

  1. Is your potential electrician licensed and with the proper permits to offer his services? Do they have insurance?

You must make sure that the electrician you hire is qualified for the job, and the simplest way to ensure that is to check if your potential electrical specialist has the proper licenses, training, and experience. Make sure they comply with the requirements for an electrical contractor in your area before deciding to hire anyone.

  1. What do other people say about your potential electrician?

Getting feedback from other people about your potential electrical contractor can provide you with useful insights on how he or she works and the quality of his output. Make sure you ask around from people you know in the construction industry who might’ve worked with the electricians you are considering. Better yet, directly ask for a recommendation from people you trust and they will most likely refer you to a quality residential electrician.  

  1. Can your residential electrician provide a detailed and thorough cost estimate for your project?

Being very detail-oriented is a critical trait in any electrical specialist, and a good way to test your potential electrician’s attention to detail is through the proposal or cost estimate he will be providing for your project. Review it thoroughly and ensure all items have been accounted for and cost accordingly.

residential electrician

  1. Does your potential electrician provide a warranty or some kind of guarantee for his work?

However skilled electricians may be, it’s likely that at some point after electrical installation, some electrical problems may arise for many different reasons. For these situations, it’s preferable that your chosen electrical contractor is willing to come to your aid (ideally at no cost) to fix these problems. Ask if your residential electrician will be offering a guarantee if he doesn’t provide the service upfront in his proposal. And make sure you have this assurance in writing before you sign off on a contract and officially hire an electrical expert.

  1. How is your potential electrician’s attitude and personality?

This question might be simple, but it’s an important one to ask for any person you will be hiring for your projects. It would be difficult to work with someone whose personality or values clash with yours, so make sure the residential electrician you hire has a personality and work ethic that you are impressed with. If the electrician you hire is incredibly skilled but has a foul attitude, his skills will be of no use to you. For matters like this, trust your gut and observe closely so you know how the potential electrical contractor you are choosing from behaving and find one whose personality meshes with you best.


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