An Electrician Career Guide: A Comprehensive List of the Different Types of Electricians

There’s more to being an electrician than fixing faulty light fixtures or busted electrical outlets. Read on to find out the different types of electricians and the unique and specialized kind of work that they do.

Here are ten different types of electricians:

1. The Residential Electrician

This type of electrician is the one most commonly encountered by homeowners, as they are tasked to build the electrical systems of a residential house. The residential electrician works closely with a general contractor on construction projects. He will need a basic understanding of blueprints for residential homes, must have a deep understanding of the electric code where he operates, a knowledge of residential electrical wiring methods, and experience with hand tools and drill sets often used in electrical projects in a home.

2. The Commercial Electrician

Often hired for working in office buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, schools and warehouses, a licensed electrician is trained specifically to work on projects for private companies. They are highly skilled in wiring projects and machinery used for commercial developments.

3. The Maintenance Electrician

Tasked with making sure that existing electrical systems in places like apartment complexes, office buildings, retail shops, schools and some private residential homes are working properly and without a hitch, a maintenance electrician Melbourne usually works on electrical repairs when things go wrong, but are also able to recommend any upgrades needed by failing electrical systems.

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4. The Construction Electrician

For newly erected and constructed buildings and infrastructure, construction electricians are tasked to set up wiring systems, making sure to provide the electrical foundation so that the lighting systems, heating and air conditioning systems, and security and alarm systems can be put in place.  

5. The Industrial Electrician

Often employed by large scales industrial complexes such as manufacturing companies and production facilities, the industrial electrician works with heavy machinery to ensure continuous and efficient operation without a hitch.

6. The Substation Electrician

This type of electrician has a huge responsibility on his hands. In his assigned substation, a substation electrician is tasked to provide electricity to the homes and buildings of a particular locale.

7. The Marine Electrician

Specializing in electrical equipment and systems in marine vessels such as boats, yachts, and cruise ships, marine electricians are often mariners by profession to begin who then decide to learn more about electrical systems related to his original profession.

8. The Car (or Auto) Electrician

Do you have a passion for cars? Then becoming an auto electrician, who mostly works with the electrical systems in automobiles, might be the best job for you.

9. The Offshore Platform (or Oil Rig) Electrician

If you don’t mind the physically and mentally demanding work required in an offshore rig, becoming an oil rig electrician might be an ideal profession for you, though it is not without its risks and dangers, as you will often be working in extreme conditions.

10. The Highway Electrical Systems Electrician

This type of electrician is responsible for the electrically-powered traffic management system in a specific location, as well as its street lighting system.

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