DIY Electric Stove Repairs

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An electric stove is ideal for modern homes, particularly condominium units or apartments. For one thing, an electric stove is considered to be much safer than gas stoves, especially if your home is in a high-rise building. They are also more convenient to use, as you just need to plug this appliance in, and you are ready to get cooking.

But having  your electric stove break down on you in the most unfortunate and untimely circumstances – for instance, a few hours before your big dinner party – can be every homemaker’s domestic nightmare.

Thankfully, troubleshooting your broken home appliance doesn’t have to be complex. And electric stove repairs need not be costly – in fact, you won’t even need to “hire an electrician” to help you fix it! If you’re a little confident with your DIY skills, you can take a crack at your own electric stove.

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Here are a few guidelines to DIY electric stove repairs that can help. Good luck and happy cooking!

But first things first, a safety tip! Before working or inspecting any home appliance, particularly malfunctioning ones, be sure to unplug or disconnect them from the power source to prevent the risk of electric shocks and other possible accidents. Work in an area of your home away from children or pets. And wear the proper safety gear as needed. Better safe than sorry!

Electric Stove Repairs and Troubleshooting

  1.  Make sure to closely inspect the burner to spot what could be wrong with it. The burner, being a crucial part of the electric stove, is a common cause of the electric stove breaking down and the usual reason for the need for electric stove repairs.

A quick way to check if your electric stove’s problem is to do with the burner is by using another burner which you know works and replacing the old one with it. If the electric stove suddenly is able to heat up and work as it should, congratulations! You just dealt with a faulty burner in one easy step.

However, if even with a working burner the electric stove is not functioning, the problem might lie somewhere else.

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  1. Check the connections of the burner to make sure there are no burnt wires or damaged metal. If these connections are broken, the burner, though functioning, will not be able to receive heat. This problem is often known as a bad block. With the help of a screwdriver, you can easily replace a bad block.
  2. Check and inspect the burner’s receptacles. If the wires that connect the receptacles to the stove have been pitter or burnt, you will need to cut these wires in order to detach the old receptacle so you can replace it with a new one.
  3. Use an ohmmeter to check if there are any problems with the switch of your electric stove. How the switch connects to the inside of the stove can be damaged by carbon deposits or just simply worn out from use. Unfortunately, if there is a problem with the switch, it is often beyond electrical repair. The best solution would be to have the electric stove switch replaced completely.

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