How Do You Do Proper Sensor Light Installation In Your Home

The process of mounting a sensor light into your home has always been hard especially for those improving their safety by lighting up whenever a person approaches your house. In addition, it can add a convenience layer when fumbling with keys or even taking out garbage outside your home at night. Here is a guide from an electrician on how to do you proper Sensor Light installation in your home:

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1. Turn off the main power to the light

Since most of the outdoor sensor lighting is installed within the place of the current porch light, which you will want to start the project by removing old light. How do you do this? Before you touch the light bulbs, it is important that you understand your home’s electrical box before cutting off the power especially to the existing light.

You will be sure that you will reduce the chances of having to execute with the current especially when the power is too high. By testing to ensure that power is off indeed through turning on the available light switch, you will get the best solution to install these sense lights.

2. Unscrew the existing light

Use a drill screwdriver, you can remove all screws by holding that existing light in the right place. You should ensure that you never have to pull away the hard wall especially light is still very connected through all electrical wiring in the right place.

To be particularly safe, you should use a wire tester handy to test the wires that are connected to all old light thus ensuring no power when running if you want to touch them.

3. Remove all wire connections

If you see any of these separate wires that are attached right to the light, you should ensure that you separate all of them before you can start to do all the connections. You can start this by doing all disconnections all three wires to ensure that they are not receiving any form of power.

4. Check the existing electrical box

If the existing light fixture is old, you might want to use if all lights are off an excuse thus change out an electrical box housing through the wiring. In case you find any form of moisture evidence or even degraded seals in the box, you can do it especially when you need it to work for your house. You should ensure that you hire an electrician who will do it correctly since any problems may lead to problems in the future.

5. Connect your wiring with the wire cap

You have to ensure that you connect all wiring work properly. Why is this important? This means connecting using a neutral wire and hot (black/ yellow/ red) wires together, you will feel that your house will be safe especially when looking for absolute safety in your house. Once you are done, you can screw the light a particular sensor assembly into an electrical box bracket within the gasket place. Finally, you can close all wiring that has been connected by tapping them off.

In summary, the above is a guide from an electrician on how to do you proper sensor light installation in your home. You are also encouraged to consult an electrician if you have any further questions. 

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