Our Services

Ralston Decorating specializes in home and office design and décor. Most people don’t realize that there is a difference between these two aspects. Interior design refers to the design of a space including what the floors will be, where the electric outlets should be, how much space should be used, which cabinets should be installed, what type and how much lighting is needed, etc. Interior decorating refers to ‘pretty making’ of a room and rarely involves any construction.

Ralston Decorating has 4 excellent designers who can fulfil both these areas with style, poise, and a lot of creativity. The process of working with Ralston Decorating works in 4 phases:

Phase 1: Consultation

The process starts with a series of consultations with the client. During these sessions, the designer asks a lot of questions about the client’s expectations and ideas. They ask about favorite or preferred colors for different rooms, the purposes of different rooms, if animals and children should be kept in mind, furniture preferences, etc. Based on the answers, the designer can start the design process. There will be more consultations throughout the other phases.

Phase 2: Design

The designer takes the information gathered from the client and designs the room, office or house according to functionality and the client’s expectations. They plan the colors, where furniture will be, what furniture will be needed, which extras they need to consider, curtains, etc.

Phase 3: Construction

Once the client has signed off on the design ideas, the designers can start with construction. For the interior design process, this can mean breaking out walls, installing cabinets, replacing floors, changing wiring, painting, etc. For the decorating process, this can mean creating artwork, making pillows, building furniture, painting, etc.

Phase 4: Decorating

Whether the client hired Ralston Decorating for the whole design process or just the decorating of a room, there will be decorating done. This phase involves getting everything in place, adding accessories, and applying finishing touches.

At the end of the process, you will love the new rooms in your home or office.