What Does a Substation Electrician Do?

Ever wonder how electricity is supplied to the many homes in your city? A substation electrician service has a lot to do with that. Read on to find out more about this unique and interesting profession.

First off, what’s a substation?

In electricity terms, a substation is composed of various types of equipment used to lower the high voltage of electrical power transmission to a level that is ideal as power supply to consumers. It is a critical part of an electrical system that generates, transmits and distributes power.

Usually a substation is owned and operated by the local government or by electrical contractor Melbourne in the government. In some cases, however, large commercial infrastructure like building complexes or industrial warehouses and factories will have substations of their own.

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What does a substation electrician do?

If you will be working on a substation that provides electricity to a community, then you will be responsible for providing an uninterrupted power supply of electricity to the numerous homes and buildings in that community.

Some of the tasks you will be doing on a regular basis at a substation include making sure the electrical wiring of the substation is properly maintained, as well as troubleshooting and providing repairs to the substation, often caused by extreme weather and other natural calamities as well as accidents and human error. You will also be tasked to update the substation with new technology as needed, so that the substation can provide better service to the many homeowners and citizens that rely on it for their power supply.

To become a substation electrician Melbourne can be a physically demanding task, but can also be mentally harrowing as you will often find yourselves working for extended periods of time in less than ideal situations and extreme weather conditions. That said, becoming a substation electrician can be a truly rewarding and lucrative profession.

How can I become a substation electrician?

On top of taking a training program as an electrician, you will be required to accomplish an apprenticeship program at the substation you aim to work for, which means you will need to apply to either the local government or the local utility provider.

Surprisingly, one of the main requirements to becoming a substation electrician is that you have a commercial driver’s license, because you will need to drive different kinds of vehicles such as trucks to accomplish your work.

In most cases you will also be required to present a high school diploma or its equivalent before you are accepted into a training and apprenticeship program.

The substation electrician apprenticeship program will teach you the following:

– You will be able to read and understand blueprints

– You will learn to safely and properly install electrical wiring

– You will learn to install and repair various motors and controls

– You will have a deep understanding of circuit processes

– You will learn required software and computer skills

More importantly, the practical skill set you will gain through the apprenticeship program will include being able to manage complex electrical systems, overseeing maintenance and repairs as needed, among other things.

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