Why Switchboard Installation Is The Best Thing For Your Home

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In all commercial and industrial settings, the continuity, as well as the distribution of electrical energy, is fundamental since it is what determines the efficiency of such facilities. This implies that during the power installation process, the safety of all the personnel involved and the reliability of power distribution should be taken seriously. This can only be made possible through the installation of a modern electrical switchboard.

By definition, an electrical switchboard is typical a device which directs electric energy from the primary source to other smaller regions of power applications. Its main role is to offer adequate protection against potentially dangerous power surges. As such, it is an assembly of either one or more panels, and every single panel contains individual switches which allow for the regulation of the electricity.

Inside this particular device (switchboard), you’ll find either one or more busbars which are strips of aluminium and or copper which are flat connected to the switchboard. They transport large electrical currents through the switchboard. They are always insulated. It is worth to mention that there are lots of fuses and safety switches inside switchboards which serve the purpose of protecting you against electrocution.

Through the advancement of technology, some new electrical switchboards are enclosed with a metal and the energised parts are not accessible when the panels and the covers are closed.

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If you are currently living in a house where regular loss of power has become quite common, then probably you’ll have to think about upgrading switchboard. Most of the so-called modern-day appliances including air conditioners, flat televisions, electric heaters, stoves and refrigerators among others, typically consume lots of power which older homes may not supply. As a result, you’ll occasionally have problems with your circuit breakers. Not only is this frequent loss of power annoying, but it is potentially dangerous. In fact, there are some increasingly dangerous risks of old switchboards such as:

  • Fuse wires being blown: This particular issue occurs when a particular circuit becomes overloaded especially when you connect excess appliances at the circuit. Also, it may happen as a result of loose connections within the fuse holder itself.
  • The melting of electrical cables from loose connections: When any electrical wire becomes loose especially in the back of a fuse holder, power may jump from the source and to that particular cable which is causing the overloading. If you didn’t know, this phenomenon is referred to as an electrical arc and is often a fire starter. During electrical arcing, all the circuits in your home will get heated, and this may, in turn, expose more copper even to arc more in the fuse board. This means that if your earthing was not properly done, cases of a full fire could occur at the back of the fuse board.
  • Fire from the switchboard could spread into your roof space: Obviously, when the fire starts, a draft will potentially transport it up the wall cavity and eventually into the ceiling space where a full fire will be witnesses. This is the final disaster caused by older switchboards and also from improper earthing.

What are some of the benefits of upgrading your switchboard?

There are numerous benefits that you’ll enjoy after upgrading your switchboard including:

  • It will make your home more energy efficient.
  • It eliminates the likelihood of a power outage.
  • Significantly reduces the risk of electrical fire as well as electrocution.
  • It enhances the safety factor of your home electrical system.
  • It will solve the power demands of your house.

When do you need to conduct a switchboard upgrade?

If you are currently residing in a home that was built twenty years ago, there are increased chances that it has ceramic fuses and not circuit breakers which are now common in modern homes. These ceramic fuses may not be able to provide sufficient energy for your modern appliances. Installing a new switchboard, as previously mentioned, will account for the added electrical power demand.

It is advisable that you should only hire highly qualified, licensed and insured residential electrician to conduct this type of product for you. It is a potentially hazardous project and should only be handled by the most qualified.

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